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Best Price Guarantee
Getting a great deal shouldn't require you to buy clearance items, price check dozens of websites, or pay membership fees. We partner with leading designers and manufacturers to ship their most popular items directly from their warehouse. This approach takes out any "middlemen" or expensive retail stores to keep costs as low as possible. We're so confident you'll find the best prices for your home here at furniture4less.ca that we guarantee it. We will be glad to meet our competitor's pricing if you ever find an item that we offer, in the same color and size, available from a similar online retailer.

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Enjoy free shipping on all selected products in Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Curated for Quality
Millions of items on a website does not necessarily mean a vast selection. We believe a vast selection comes from weeding out lower quality items while still providing a wide selection of compelling home furnishings across all style orientations. It's true, you won't find any $300 sofas at furniture4less.ca, but you can rest assured that your new piece will exceed your expectations of quality and style.

We're Just Getting Started
We believe online shopping should be no less informative than a day spent driving from store to store, browsing showrooms. We're currently developing new content and technology to deliver the best possible shopping experience. There's more to come, so check back often.